You can type or write your story but you can’t make others read or understand. At any point if you’re not on a particular level you’re making excuses, what ever happened to don’t forget where you come from i think half the world has forgotten. The world is made up of individuals that only think about self.


Who’s Trying

They never do their jobs anyway when you need them they never come anyway so tell me who’s trying to make friends….

They say no matter the color it’s all love we all know that’s a bunch of Crud, sweet at the start sour to the end if this is all wrong then who’s trying to be friends…

I had a couple friends I dropped just to befriend on that second go no one wants to be friends, so who’s trying to resolve all differences to be a better friend who’s trying…

To step out of bounds to get different results as of now we’re all hostages, government got the knife to our throats…

Who’s trying to continue the Willie lynch story who’s targeting me for trying to tell a story..

Who’s trying to devalue me for an excuse inequality who’s trying to see pass all of this and still follow me, who’s trying….


Some of our worst times were our best times arguing and screaming how we’ed invest time, hug and make up in case there isn’t a next time.

They say its never to late I say its pass time, time to make each moment better than the last time because the last time time didn’t wait.

How much time we have…. look how much time has passed I’m sick of this timeless pass its hard to live free out of all the times we’ve asked.

Time will forever change and the times have changed those that were once rich, begging for change. I guess its a time for change.

What’s important

It’s difficult as it is no one plans to have to take care of a parent/parents. With so much going on far as trying to better ones self. School has been on-going dropped out once do to taking care of my father, it hurt so bad that I had to quit; it was least important at the time. Here I am again trying to be a graphic designer and what happens, more problems with my father. I’m trying to duck the jabs coming; I’m constantly being hit I’m not the one to give up, and I can’t give up on my father it’s starting to get the best of me.